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The very first thing you should know about commercial names —
they do not arise by themselves. They are never born suddenly
in a burst of inspiration. They cannot be selected through an open competition. Names should be created with great deliberation,
piece by piece, in accordance with the laws of naming,
taking into account all factors related with marketing
and legal protection.

Henri Charmesson

The first step in creating a successful brand is NAMING
naming logotype corporate identity packaging web developing advertising
name, slogan trademark, logotype, service mark, coat of arms, character
corporate identity, visual identity system
label, packaging,
domain name registration, web site design and promotion
development and maintenance of an advertising campaign

NAMING is a developing of commercially successful names, slogans for companies, products and services. All in a name!

All in a name!

Taking to account highly competitive market space, successful name for your trademark, product or company can help you a lot in attraction customers sympathy.

Successful name is better to remember, it highlights you in the range of your competitors, and it is your tangible asset.

Come up with a good name is extremely difficult. If you find a beautiful word in the dictionary - be sure that this is someone's trademark already. Different combinations of first and last directors and their wives’ names letters - often comes with the kind of names that illustrate all futility of such attempts.

The rules and principles of naming theory (called semonemic) can help to create successful name.

Naming displays names in the development of meaningful semantic level design. Instead of searching blindly – it offers deliberated choice and design. The mechanism of commercial name action is based on the interaction of two distinct aspects of name:

  • impression
  • meaning

Together, these aspects constitute the name engram. This is the impact of the name to a person, regardless the object it belongs to.

Impression gets from person’s feeling when he first hears or reads that unfamiliar word – namely, the set of letters, of which the word consists, the sounds person hears or mentally plays, and emotional images that these letters and sounds cause - just what can be called "undercurrent" of the name.

Here are some word-building techniques that we use in the name development in Grades:

  • alliteration - repeated use of sounds or syllables.
  • metonymy - substitution of word by closely related concepts.
  • simpiptizm - connection the expressive sound with the defined image.
  • onomatopoeia - the use of words, imitating sounds of the object


You save money, gaining confidence
that the result of naming process
is checked in trademark database.
And the name is absolutely yours and
do not violate intellectual property rights of any registered trademark!


  1. NAMING BRIEF please answer the following questions:
    1. Briefly describe your business concept to someone who has no knowledge of your company.
    2. Describe your target market — gender, age, geography, and other demographic characteristics
    3. Identify 10 or more words that you would like to communicate to your consumer about your company.
    4. If your company was a person, how would you describe its personality?
    5. In 10 to 20 words describe the features and attributes of your products or services?
    6. Provide the names of your primary competitors.
    7. How is your business different from your competitors? (Feel free to provide addresses to their websites)
    8. Are there business name ideas that you’ve already considered and dismissed? If so, why?
    9. What names have you seen that you like or catch your eye?
    10. Are there any words or phrases that MUST BE included in your name?
    11. Are there any words or phrases that you DO NOT want to see included in your name?

    Send answers to our contact e-mail
    In reply to your filled brief, we'll send you commercial offer.
    After we conclude an agreement, we do the following steps:

    internal phase - we generate list from 50-70 items
    evaluation of each item by marketing, phonetic and semantic filters
    check TOP-10 items for identity and similarity in database of registered trademarks.
    demonstration of recommended names (5-7 items) to you.

* — At this stage, the Customer has the right not to stop his choice at any of the items; however, his comments concerning them needed. In this case, our team develops another short-list with 5 names free of charge.


The cost of name development is determined individually, after consultation, your requirements and expectations concerning your future name.

The following affect the cost of name development titles:

  • geography of using the trademark,
  • requirements to the name,
  • novelty of product/service
  • competitive environment.

The latter is dominant because assumed that the name should align you with the leaders of the specified segment. Therefore, the strength and abundance of your competitors - have a significant impact on the complexity of the development process.

The tentative price is $500


логотип магазинов одежды FUROR


Objective: Objective: to develop the name for Ukrainian women's clothing store chain.
Clothing of middle price segment, mainly producing by Polish factories for women over 35 years old.

Name meaning: positive emotions, joy and a sense of celebration of the purchase. For woman buying quality and stylish things means much more than yet another article of clothing. This is the expectation of how men, colleagues and friends will perceive this thing. This is a foretaste of a joy that the appearing in a new dress will create.

Final result: FUROR - noisy public success, accompanied by the manifestation of delight.

  • name
  • logo
  • Corporate Identity

Registered trademark.

логотип торговой марки Домашний Пекарь


Objective: Objective: develop a name for the pastry shop, known for its uncompromising attitude to own baking quality, meticulously in choosing eco-friendly ingredients.

Meaning of the name: delicious pastries, credible products.

Final result: DOMASHNIJ PEKAR' – pastry shop becomes animated, turning into a person – a real master chefs who loves baking and enjoy the process. All he bakes – he does as for himself. Is that so, can we you doubt the quality of what we do for ourselves?
  • name
  • logo
  • Corporate Identity
  • label, packaging

Registered trademark.

логотип торговой марки ПАНСЬКА


Objective: name for grocery group products (cereals, sugar).

Meaning of the name: a quality product + national Ukrainian flavor.

Final result: name Pans’ka Final result: name Pans’ka – comes from Ukrainian word “pan” (landlord, respected person). And the lords, usually indulge themselves with delicious and satisfying meal.
  • name
  • logo
  • packaging

Registered trademark.

танхаус Домоседово


Objective: develop name for townhouse (cottage settlement).

Meaning of the name: cozy, quiet, comfortable accommodation.

Final result: DOMOSEDOVO - in this name there is a collective image of home, reflecting Slavic mentality, lifestyle, habits, climate, economic opportunities. Name bears prototype of modern, convenient, comfortable, warm and cozy home, so comfortable that it does not want to leave. Alliteration word-forms, which are simple and well known in Russian language, gives a new name, similar in sound to the name of the estate or a cozy village.

Slogan: "East or west, Domosedovo is best!"

  • name
  • slogan
  • communication material (brochures, billboards).
логотип торговой марки MUSIC PROFI


Objective: develop a name for a company specializing in the sale and hiring of professional music equipment. Full set of design, equipment supply and installation on a turnkey basis.

Meaning of the name: music, show, professionalism.

Final result: Final result: the name is extremely simple, like all that is brilliant - MUSIC PROFI

  • name
  • logo
  • website

Registered trademark.

логотип торговой марки FANAT


Objective: contribute to the product range of TM "WENDELN PRODUCT" two kinds of seeds on the football-beer oriented theme. Need to develop a new brand focused on football fans, beer lovers and fans of seeds.

Meaning of the name: seeds, football, cheerleader, a storm of emotions.

Final result: name FANAT – is the actual name of our target audience – fans of football.

Slogan: To our team!

  • name
  • slogan
  • logo
  • character
  • packaging

Registered trademark.

логотип Дверной Двор

Dvernoj Dvor

Objective: the name for the door store.

Meaning of the name: a place where abundance of doors, rich tradition, high quality.

Final result: in Russian language the name Dvernoj Dvor perfectly conveys the idea of tradition, craftsmanship and quality. Name is ranging doors interior as a kind of community of craftsmen with a rich historical heritage, with a touch of nobility. The use of alliteration (the repetition of identical or similar consonants) gives special sound expressiveness. The name is easy to remember owing to this method.

Slogan: King of Doors!
  • name
  • slogan
  • logo
  • website
  • advertising campaign (blocks in the media, outdoor advertising, printing)

Registered trademark.

знак обслуживания ИНЖЕНЕРЫ ЧИСТОТЫ

Inzhenery Chistoty (Engineers of Purity)

Objective: the name for a cleaning company. The difficulty lies in the fact that cleaning service is a relatively new in the area. The word "cleaning" is not understandable to everybody, and direct transcript - "guidance of cleanliness" sounds long and boring. A special that reveals semantics of cleaning services for consumer must be invented.

Meaning of the name: clean and tidy, modern cleaning technologies.

Final result: name Inzhenery Chistoty means thoughtful and thorough approach to cleaning. Subtext - professionals with higher education, the real masters, will clean your apartment/office.

  • name
  • logo
логотип такси GRAND


Objective: name for taxi service, released in the urban market for their quality (larger fleet, more comfortable cars).

Meaning of the name: better than anyone? The biggest.

Final result: name GRAND TAXI.The prefix Grand - the first part of compound words, which imparts the meaning noble, great.

  • name
  • logo

Registered trademark.

логотип BANZAY


Objective: name for producer of office paper.

Meaning of the name: After marketing competitors, it became clear that for this issue the reflection of direct connection with the product in the name is a secondary criteria. The first place to overlook is the importance of high phonosemantic characteristics (easy to read, sounds nice) and registrability.

Final result: name BANZAY – Banzai (jap. "ten thousand years") is a shortened version of the traditional Japanese wish – “ten thousand years of life for the Emperor of Japan”. Often used as a rallying cry of the Japanese soldiers (analog of the European “hurray”). Rich tradition in the production of paper, careful, even reverent attitude to it, tradition of cuneiform - all these aspects of Japanese culture are close to Ukrainian manufacturer.

  • name
  • logo
  • packaging

Registered trademark.

логотип сети салонов мобильной связи ROZMOVA


Objective: name for network of mobile communication shops.

Meaning of the name: The most important and integral part of society is communication. And this is exactly why the mobile phones wereinvented.

Final result: Rozmova – simple ukrainian word – is a reference to national identity which is increasingly evidenced in the best national brands. Using transliteration (latin spelling) - emphasizes the modernity of new stores being, by the way, the typical method of mobile technology. The word possesses easiness, great rhythm.
Popular Ukrainian word – already exists in the minds of the audience, and Latin turns a common word to an exclusive trademark, adding charm and modernity to it.

  • name
  • logo
  • flash logo
  • corporate Identity
  • website
  • launching advertising campaign (blocks in the media, outdoor advertising , printing)
  • a series of advertising campaigns

Registered trademark.

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