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Logo — a key element of the company's image. It serves first of all to identify the company in the market. In the perception of the consumer availability the logo or trademark is a guarantee of product quality.
Items that do not have a logo is called noname.


Logo design is the most important component of any company’s image:
naming logotype corporate identity packaging web developing advertising
name, slogan trademark, logotype, service mark, coat of arms, character
corporate identity, visual identity system
label, packaging,
domain name registration, web site design and promotion
development and maintenance of an advertising campaign


Sufficient experience in the design of logos, allowing you to quickly create exclusive and original solutions.

Among our customers there are large factories
and international companies and private entrepreneurs. Geography clients covers
Ukraine, Russia, Turkey, Germany, USA.

Having our own patent office without delay
allows us to apply for registration of the logo as a trademark and protect your intellectual property!

Features of a good logo

  • uniformity – semantic unity of all elements;
  • saturation – semantic and emotional;
  • bright associations;
  • durability – long remains contemporary and not banal;
  • adaptability;
  • variability.

And one of the most important aspects – the unique shape!
This is what remains of the sign if you remove the color, shadow effects.
For a good logo is bound to be good and in black and white!
These are the signs we offer!



The cost of developing the logo is determined individually, after reading your requirements and expectations.

What is counted when pricing:

  • geography of using the logo,
  • requirements for the logo,
  • competitive environment.

The latter is dominant, as assumed that the developed logo will put you on a par with the leaders of the necessary market segment. Therefore, the force and the abundance of your competitors have a significant impact on the complexity of the development process.
The tentative price is $ 500
In reply to your filled logo development brief you will get a commercial offer.


    filling the brief, the definition of requirements for the logo. After receiving your request, we will contact you within 24 hours for further details, we will prepare and send you a commercial quotation, and then contract and the invoice to the primary payment.
    internal phase, during which we study and analyze signs your industry leaders, logos of your direct competitors. Study the competitive environment it is important to make your logo exclusive, original, best in the industry.
    at this stage, we will offer you at least 5-7 different solutions and trends in logo design under prior arrangement.
  4. CONFIRMATION version of the logo
    based on your comments and suggestions on each of the proposed design concepts logo - we are finalizing and offer new options for consideration. The number of such improvements logo - not limited. We are willing to make changes until the result totally satisfies you.
    Only after the final approval of your logo, we ask to pay the balance amount and within 1-3 working days we  perform the following steps.
  5. ADAPTATION logo for various media
    we will make sure that your sign looked great on all media that you are using (selected at the stage of the problem) . Typically, this version of the logo:
    • for printing (full color version) ;
    • fax, stamp (monochrome version) ;
    • newspapers (monochrome version) ;
    • for screen (website , mobile phone)
  6. Preparing Files
    After payment is confirmed, we will send you a full set of original files of your logo.
    Set of final files includes:
    • universal vector format - eps ( optimized for printing, outdoor advertising , for further work in editors Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator)
    • raster format - jpeg or gif, ( for ispolzovaniya the Internet and email, the color model RGB).

Additional services:

Development the basic set of corporate identity:

  • business cards, folders, letterhead, envelope;
  • complete set of corporate identity and graphic standards BRAND BOOK development (stage: CORPORATE IDENTITY);
  • development of an animated logo for use in a website, multimedia products.



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