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The devepopment of brands, trademarks, names, logos, corporate identity, websites, advertising campaigns

GRADES = GRAPHIC DESIGN. Graphic design.
In today's environment, it is communicative design
becomes the art of attracting and retaining customers, highlighting
your company and your product from hundreds of others.
This is your profit, your prestige, your future!
This is the foundation of your success!

We love our work very much!

GRADES branding agency is a team of professionals specializing on developing brands – starting from the development of name, slogan, logo design and corporate identity to launching at the market space and promoting with help of visual and Internet communications.

Our agency is located in the south of Ukraine, in the beautiful city of Kherson. Thanks to the efficiency, technical equipment and professionalism of our team, we maintain the same quality for both the clients who come to our office, and clients from other cities and countries.

GRADES brandin agency is a leader in the development of logos and brands in Ukraine!

Moreover, if we consider the economic component, taking into account the ratio of the cost of services and the result - we have no equal! With us, you get more and spend less!

For more than 12 years of working experience, the geography of our clients spread far beyond Kherson and region. We fulfill orders for customers from many cities of Ukraine, as well as for clients and organizations from the USA, Germany, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates.

Our presentation:

The history of our company

Work since November 8, 2002. The main are the trademarks and all connected with them - name developing (naming), logo design and re-design, corporate identity development, advertising campaigns for launching and promoting brands.

Besides branding, logos and brands, the following structural areas has been developed:

  • GRADES PHOTO — photostudio (advertising, Still-Life photo, architectural, interior, reportage, and portrait). Panoramic photo: spherical panoramas and virtual tours. Service of quick selection of images from photo banks.
  • GRADES PRINT — services in production of printed materials (offset and digital printing).
  • GRADES WEB — development and promotion of websites, domain name registration and hosting.

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GRADES mission:

  1. To promote products and services for our customers and increase their competitiveness.
  2. To enhance the prestige of homeland design and advertising.
  3. To build a culture of visual communications in our life environment.

GRADES principles:

  1. Quality and professionalism throughout all along the line.
  2. EFFICIENCY (each project should solve the issue assigned by the Client in the best way).
  3. EXCLUSIVE (studio work are clean and free from plagiarism)
  4. HONESTY to customers, competitors, collaborates.
  5. SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY (studio does not undertake to advertise goods and products known as having lower quality or capable to inflict harm to society and consumers).

Advantages of working with us:

In today's competitive environment, any original development (name, slogan, logo, packaging) becomes Yours only when you protect your rights for it properly! Having our own GRADES PATENT office gives us a huge competitive advantage, and for customers it gives saving their time and money.

You save time getting service of trademark development and registration from one hand!

It often happens in practice:
1) The customer orders name or logo in advertising agency;
2) carries it to register at patent attorney;
3) there, taken the money for an application after the time the customer is reported that such brand existes already.
4) The customer needs to go back to step 1, and it means loss of both time and money.

You save money, gaining confidence that the result of checking is protected and is Yours not only formally, but also legally!

And yet,

We are not trying to sell you something that you do not need!

It happens that when ordering brand development in a serious brand agency, the customer gets a really good result. But analyzing the money expenses (in Kiev it costs from $20 - $25 thousand, in Moscow - $50 - $100 thousand ), you realize that most of these funds went to :

1) "market researches" and "focus groups" that are not discovered anything new for you, but just let the developers know about your business that you could tell them personally;

2) "Brand wheel", "brand pyramid", etc. - sheets of paper with a graph and a set of common phrases of the values ​​obtained by your customers. However, as a rule, such graphs do not find their practical application, but only gives a confirmation that the agency is really smarter than customer in its sphere.

We do not reject the theoretical foundations of our profession! Those techniques that we use - the quintessence of the world's best brand toolkit, adapted for our market and our customers. But we are convinced that this is our purely internal tool which sole purpose is to work on the end result - the creation of the brand for you (name, logo, packaging) that will work for you, bringing profit.

Our work is focused on results – this is your profit and your success!

Contact us, we are always happy to help you!

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